10 Februari 2009

WSLIC-2 in Cijulang Ciamis?

Read coverage Radar TASIKMALAYA Edition Tuesday 10th February 2009 with the title "The Village Cijulang Pertanyakan Program Weslik", some of the things I gratitute Obligation. First, I as a Community Facilitator (Consultant assistant Society) on the Program WSLIC-2 District for the area Ciamis Cluster II includes the District Cihaurbeuti, Panumbangan, Panjalu, Sukamantri, Cikoneng, Sindangkasih, and CIPAKU District, stated that the Village Cijulang District Cihaurbeuti not included in the The recipients list of the village program WSLIC -2. The Water Facility project located in the Village Cijulang District Cihaurbeuti as made, is the government support the project approach and methods of implementation with different WSLIC-2. This principle in the context of confirmation and clarification should be a high-thought and well executed. Especially author news, penyaji news, and information sources from which news is, do not build up a misleading opinion.
Second, Scond Water and Sanitation for Low Income Communities (WSLIC-2) means that the Program Providing Water and Sanitation for the low-income people. Abbreviations appropriate for this program is WSLIC-2, not WESLIK as in the previous news headings. WSLIC-2 program is a program for the community, not known is "Developer projects" or any similar term. WSLIC-2 program is done entirely by the community. Start idenifikasi problems, formulation of needs, planning and implementation activities, to operational and its mainantenance initiated in a participatory way through Participatory Assessment Methodology by the communities themselves. Thus, when physical development is declared complete, even at the time this program will actually start. Program will not diserahterimakan by the government as the support, and readiness before keberdayaan society itself is feasible according to the criteria stated program. Some of the villages that can be considered successful in the implementation of the Program WSLIC-2 among the Village Budiasih and Sukamanah Village District Sindangkasih, Sumberjaya District Cihaurbeuti Village, Village Jayagiri Panumbangan District, Village District Ciomas Panjalu, and several other villages that have implemented the Assessment Methodology as a participatory approach in development community.
Third, I personally very grateful to friends and colleagues in the arms that move and ANSOR Youth Movement Youth Movement of the Resurrection (Garda BANGSA) Ciamis District. Thus ideally the organization of social movements in one garapannya future. Generation of hammering continues, transformasikan ideology into action and good movement.

Asep Yudha Dian Permana, S. Sos.
  • Community Facilitator in Water Supply and Sanitation for Low Income Communities (WSLIC-2) to Ciamis Regency Cluster II (District Cihaurbeuti, Panumbangan, Panjalu, Sukamantri, Cikoneng, Sindangkasih, and District CIPAKU)
  • Deputy Secretary Ansor Youth Movement, The Branch District Ciamis.
  • Vice Chairman of the Youth Movement of the Resurrection (BANGSA Garda), the Board of District Coordination Branch Ciamis.
  • Students Masters Education Administration, School of Graduate Education University of Indonesia.

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