12 November 2012

Film About Veterans Being Artisan Sweep, Won the "Lawangsewu Festival 2012".

Short film about the story of a veteran who won the general category sweeper in "Lawangsewu Film Festival 2012" Community Cinema initiated Semarang (KSS). "This film does not contain a lot of dialogue, but the message hit and very touching," said Aditya Gumay, one of the jury at the Grand Final Night Lawangsewu Film Festival 2012 in Semarang, Sunday (11/11) night.
According to the renowned director who has directed many films, including "Mother Wants Up Hajj" and "House Without Windows", the movie was filmed Down Trees Community Cinema Jakarta was strong enough in the telling.
The film, said Gumay who announced the winners direct a short film festival, the movie called "Sweep Junior Badges tells veterans who had mortgaged his badge to get treatment." Lawangsewu Film Festival I appreciate this, because it can be stretched young children to be creative to make a movie . Moreover, participants of the festival is not only from Semarang, but many cities in Indonesia, "said Gumay.
Chairman of the Arts Council of Semarang (Dekase) Mulyo Hadi Purnomo recognizes the development of cinema in Semarang still less than other cities, such as Banjarnegara, Navan, especially Bandung, Yogyakarta and Jakarta.
Because of that, he said, the performance of such short film festival is expected to stimulate the creativity of filmmakers-Semarang young filmmakers to make quality films, especially many of the participants turned out to other areas. "I think Semarang still have much to learn from other cities. Followers participants from different regions, to Aceh, I hope to encourage young filmmakers compete to make the best Semarang," said Mulyo.
Meanwhile, Tohar Gunawan (26) director of the film "Junior Badge Sweep" explained the film will only take as long as three weeks with the cultivation location at some point in the Capital region.
Film production cost of about one million dollars, he said, inspired by the story of a war veteran named Engkong Nasir currently afflicted life and do not have anything.
"Because of that, some cash prize of this film festival we donate to him. We want all people to appreciate the services of a hero," said the student of the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ) class of 2009 was.
There are 65 works competing in the film festival, divided students and general category. Winner of two general categories, namely "A Tale Of Roses" filmed Community Dark Room Jakarta, followed by "Skeptic" Community Mercubuana claim.
While the student category, the winner won the movie "Top!" students filmed SMK 11 Semarang, followed by "For Mother" filmed SMA Negeri 1 Banjarnegara students, and the third "Chase" CIP Productions filmed Salatiga.
Sources: Antara

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